Welcome to The Void!

This hooded visage shrouds a face in darkness – a sort of darkness that we all share. Somewhere inside, and for all of us, there is an enemy that lies beneath.

We experience it as our internal resistance to creative effort, or as a tendency to choose self-destruction over productivity, or as the many faces of our negative emotions populating the stories of our minds.

This destructive “other” is now in fear because you are here. Here, at voidface.com, we take up arms against this ancient evil. We distinguish ourselves from it by reframing our notion of “self” to be the masters of our own fate.

Here, we redefine what it is to succeed in the world, and we develop the skills and resources it takes to be in true command of our own lives.

We abandon the hellscape of popular thought and place ourselves on the other side of the screen. It is us who shall command the attention of others, no longer being lead into complacency by the backlit distractions of the modern world.

We will use modern tools to fight a modern fight. We will build digital assets, accumulate social clout, and brand ourselves as champions.

We will thrust our hands into the continuous flow of wealth that, until now, has only been pixels passing before our eyes.

Now we take our rightful place as captains of the new economy. Finally, you have this opportunity to throw back the hood.